Monday, September 2, 2013

Post Summer 2013

You haven't heard from me in a while. Well I've been kinda busy. First I went to NärCon, which was a blast (more coming), and then I went to the biggest island in Sweden to be medieval for five days. After that I've worked and worked a bit more.

So NärCon. Well, I haven't really got any pictures cause I was to lazy to bring my camera. But we got to Linköping at Thursday and decided to take the but that everyone else was didn't take to the con. So ones we got to the Campus area where NärCon took place (my phones gps was a great help that day) we took our place in the queue and stood there for one hour to get our passes (convention wrist bands). It was fun but warm, cause someone decided to turn on the heat that day (not rain like my weather service told me). And I had planed to cosplay that day, but after standing in the queue and getting half growl on the weather I decided not too.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Final NärCon schedule

So first off all. I didn't make my planned schedule. Rosa still lays here unfinished, but in lot of better shape than before. She's got pieces of armour now and I can't wait until I can continue working with it cause it's so much fun. Illyana still lays in her Limbo and waits for me to finish her (new plan is SciFi Fair in October). So now I got this:
Thursday/Friday: Inara Serra from Firefly.
Saturday: Princess Peach from Super Mario. Featuring a new super fluffy underskirt.
Sunday: Sunday me.

See you tomorrow at NärCon!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just a little stressed

... about the fact that NärCon is soon. So far I've got one complete cosplay, on half done and two in pieces. This will be interesting. Plus I'm also making a friend her weddingdress and work full time. But at least I wanted to let you know of my plans at least, not that they are totally set in stone just yet.

  • Thursday: Illyana 'Magik' Raspuntina - She's been in lots of Marvel Comics lately but I'm going for the classic New Mutant look. Plus she got a sword and travels in time and space :D
  • Friday: Inara Serra - Firefly, no need to say anything else. Mal is of course coming as well. 
  • Saturday: Rosa Joanna Farrell - Final Fantasy IV. My most complicated costume this year, it involves worbla, lots of gold paint and a million details. And if I have time, a great magic staff. 
  • Sunday: Princess Peach - well no need for further introduction. It rocks being a pink princess. 

I don't really know which days it will be Inara or Peach just yet but it leans towards this schedule. Well, that it, now going back to sewing before work. Bye!