Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First time taking on resin

I've got an ongoing secret project that has made me try resin. Which is why I bought a big bunch of resin and  some molds.

After following the recipe that followed with the resin, yes ordinary 1 to 1. I started trying to colour it. First out was acrylic paint and lots of body shimmer. The acrylic paint I used was very old and dry, meaning it worked cause there weren't much water left in it. In the end it came out like a steel blue stone with white shimmer and also small white dots.

For the next bunch I used eye shadow, which in fact is dried pigment. This worked a bit better, since I was out more for the crystal look. Or since I just used a big bunch of eye shadow at least the colour became brighter and not as see through as I first thought. But they became pretty and I like them.

I bought my resin at AnnieHowes store at

What I learned about resin in this adventure:
  • It smells. Be in a well ventilated room or get dizzy. 
  • Start small and find out how much resin you really need. I ended up with six extra crystal which I have no idea what to do with and I also had to throw some cause I had nowhere to put it. 
  • Check out a bunch of tutorials. My favorites: 
  • Read the instructions that follows with the resin at least five time, 'cause if I say five times I'll know you will read it at least one time. 
  • Have fun and don't spill on your clothes. 

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