Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I went to KodachiCon

Yes, that me in the car on the way to
KodachiCon not fully equipped.
... again this year. This time it was in a new place with lots of more rooms and with one extra day, so it was Friday to Sunday not the usual Saturday-Sunday. Not that I followed that since I stayed at home Friday night to finish my cosplay. Which I did. Yes, I did not show up with any half assed cosplay this time. It was done!

Basely I got there in the morning of Saturday and got to watch about an half hour of convention before it was time for the cosplay rehearsal. Me and my friend who happened to be there, was a bit like: what, already! Good thing was the rest of the team showed up not too long after that so we actually got to rehearse one time on stage.

Time not spent on rehearsal or contest was on the convention, changing cosplay (for the rest of the team, I was ready from the beginning) or freaking people out when we went to eat (yes, all the kids were adorable when they say a real life size princess walking down the road, and also the adults who actually recognized me as Princess Peach).

Well the big thing on the Saturday was of cause the cosplay contest. Follow the link for my kinda bad transcription of the skit: Link also include a video, good to know. This year there were so many good cosplayers. I didn't really had the time to check them out so much but it was so fun to see so many entering the contest. And after the contest was done we kind of took over the Just Dance corner. It is surprisingly good to dance in a full-length dress, it gives you amazing leg move and lots of points.

Since I only live forty minutes from the convention I didn't sleep there, instead I came back at Sunday only a little late. There wasn't that much going on so I took it easy, shopped some cute earrings in the Artist Alley and just relaxed. It wasn't until the ending ceremony that much happened that I was interested in. Yes, it was time for the announcement of the cosplay contest. And we won best skit/sketch! I was kind of so happy by the time that I got back to my seat that I almost missed when they called me up again for 3rd place in Best Costume. By now my mind was so empty of happiness (note that this is the first time I've got any award in costumes), that I kind of can't remember much else what happened.

Overall I wish that I would have had the time to check out more of the convention, and the new location was nice and yes I still get happy feelings from when I think of the cosplay contest. Cause it was awesome!

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  1. Omg that skit was so awesome! It was funny and super cute~ And you're so lucky to live near a con! I live near NYCC but it's not that great anymore :s