Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just resting for a year

Hello, all out there that keeps following me even thou I haven't updated anything in a year. Here's quick what's happened during the year.

Me and my friends decided to do a Marvel group. Yeah, that's how wage we were on choosing characters, they only had to exist in the Marvel Comics. I was Emma Frost and this is the best shoot I have of her so far, since I kind of look like a big bright white thing in this, since she is well white.
I also made Ms Marvel and the last-minute Lady Sif. And yes, Lady Sif is wearing my medieval cape with a tint of long haired fake fur on it.

After the Marvel group it didn't happen that much. I kind of didn't feel it for cosplay for a while. But don't worry. I'm back in the game and this year already have two costumes checked off the list, and yes there are more coming.

Well that was kind of that for now. I'll be updating with some wip later on.


Bonus pic: Me looking ridiculously happy in front of Conner. No, I haven't played the game, but the staff should be glad it wasn't Ezio (then I would have been hugging him).

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