Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Styling Ame-Warashi's Wig

To get Ame-Warashi's hairstyle I decided to get a wig. Since I had no idea how to make my own hair that style and the idea of colouring it light blue wasn't that appealing. 

This page is from were Ame-Warashi shows up the second time in the manga, and yes, I am going to make that outfit too since it's so good looking. I love it. Anyway here you can see that her hair is coloured blue in the manga, and not red as in the anime. I wonder why they even did that, it's too different colours, and I think blue fits a rain-maker more than red. But enough of the rambling.

I started and ended my search for a wig at In the end I thought a wig styled for Miku Hatsune would be a good start, so I search out the bluest I could find and tried to make sure that it would be in good quality. The rewiev of the wig can be found here: Charissa-KIDS @

Unfortunate I don't have that many photos of how I styled the wig. But I will try to explain it in words. First I cut the bang, so I could see what I was doing vile wearing the wig. It was done messy so I could get an idea of how long it would be and figure out how much of the wig that was going to be in the side curls. 

This is were it started to get into real styling. I was going to make a straight wig into curls. I started to read on styling wigs on the internet and different forums to get an idea of what to do and decided that the hot-water-styling-method would be easiest and hopefully not damage the whole wig. So I bought myself some curling rollers in plastic and rolled up the fibres on them. Then I boiled some water and prepared a bowl that could handle the hot water. 

Then I placed the part of the wig that was rolled up in the bowl and pour the hot water on it. I had let the water cool a bit, so that the fibres wouldn't be destroyed. After a few minutes I took up the wig and let it cool down and dry over night. It is important that the wig cools down and dry before the rollers are removed, otherwise the fibres can loose it's shape.

In the morning I trimmed the rest of the wig shorter and it looked something like this, note that I was really tired when I took these: 

My friends told me that I looked like France and England's lovechild without the clips, and I kinda agree with them. That is if you have been watching Hetalia Axel Power, then you would maybe agree as well. :D

I got help by a friend to cut of the length of the clips. She first cut of a bit of the length and then trimmed the clips a bit thinner so that they would not be so thick. She also trimmed the rest of the wig a bit better.

And the finished results is here. Photo by David Rhodin

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