Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ludicrous_box's Cosplay Meme

I was a bit bored so I found a cosplay meme at ludicrous_box on LiveJournal (Google is your friend sometimes).

Most Accurate Cosplay: Momo Hinamori. My friend said that it sometimes looked as if I walked out of the musical, yeah there is at the moment eight musicals based on the first two arcs in Bleach.

Most Difficult Cosplay: Ame-Warashi and Usagi Tsukino. Ame-Warashi because it was the first time I had to style a wig, that went fine, but I was so nervous. Usagi's costume had so many details. It took me forever just to pin attach the ribbons on the collar.

Easiest Cosplay: Ranka Lee. I had the wig, or a green that fitted, home and sewed the dress in four hours, that is good for being me as I am so slow when sewing.

Most Out Of Character Cosplay: Haruhi Suzumiya. I was really nervous that time and was sitting quiet in a corner, the total opposite of Haruhi.

Most Fun-to-Cosplay: Ame-Warashi and Usagi in split position. I love Ame-Warashi even if people don't recognise her that well to that point that I can hear her complain about my cosplay in my head. No I'm not crazy, I just have a very clear idea about what she would do if someone would call her a spirit or ghost, and not a rain maker. ^^
Usagi was really fun since people did recognise her. I can still remember being stop every tenth meter so that someone could take a photo. And of cause I have always wanted to cosplay her as well.

Sexiest Cosplay: Well, I guess that until now I have for the most part only cosplayed sweet innocent girls. But I am working on Velvet from Odin's Sphere, and she doesn't have that much clothes on. I just have to train up my muscles in my stomacharea first.

Most Comfortable Cosplay: Momo's shinigami suit. I never thought that a costume held together with pins and a waistband could be so comfortable, but it is.

Least Comfortable Cosplay: Unfortunately it's Usagi. That wig keeps crawling up in my neck. Other then the wig it's comfy.

Costume with longest hotelroom prep time: Usagi. I changed in the toilet in UppCon and it took more than a half-hour time. That wig and all the small pieces of costume.

Costume Garment you wear out of costume: Ranka Lee's dress. I love it. I saw someone cosplay her at DA first and thought: what a nice summer dress. And now I use it as that as well.

Favourite Wig/Hairstyle: Momos. I can use my own hair, even thou I have to dye it dark brown. I sometimes uses the bun outside cosplay since it so comfortable. But I also like the wig to Ame-Warashi. The hair on the clips have a tendency to bounces as I walk. :D

Favourite prop: I have had that many prop, since I've been to lazy on that part. But I have the broach to Usagi that my friend made as I tried and succeeded to sew two cosplays in the night before UppCon.

Favourite accessory: Gloves. It's so fun and it really helps me get in character with at least Ame-Warashi.

Ever been in a group cosplay? Yeah. Me and my friends even started one cosplay group called Pinku no Shoulaceu, or just Pink Shoelaces. So far we have cosplayed Bleach in a huge group along with some other cosplay groups.

Ever cosplayed a pairing with someone? No, but I will. Me and a friend of mine is planning a Ciel and Elizabeth-cosplay from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.

Pairing support? Qwastanja @ DA

If yes, how steamy? The characters are twelve. It just gets cute. :3

Ever been to a photoshoot? Yes. At UppCon 10, I attended a Bleach photoshoot. We were so many in my group that it was difficult to find room for all in the photos. ^.^
And then I have been to photoshoots that me and my friends have done :D

Ever entered a contest? Yes. I've been taking part in three contest so far.

Ever won an award in a contest? No, it's a real shame. But the winners were truly worth it. ^^

The Costume you'll never finish: Sakura Haruno from Naruto. I started sewing the costume at a chance, but I never really sewed on it for more than one day. And it was pink, not red as in the manga/anime.

The Costume you've always wanted to make: Ame-Warashi. Now I can't wait to get started on my second costume for her. That is so gorgous -drools-

The Costume you'd wear if it weren't for your body type: I always wanted Fai's clothes from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. But he is so small and tall, and I'm not really that body type.

The Costume that you can't make for lack of money: Madam Red's outfits. I like every one she wears, and yes I am a sucker for the Victorian Era. It's because I want them to be all velvet, since that would fit her. :D

Show us your best cosplay photo:
Shot by CarpeDentum at UppCon 10.

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