Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: Charissa-KIDS @

I ordered two wigs from Charissa-KIDS this time and was happily surprised.

First out is the blue wig I ordered so I could style it to Ame-Warashi. It was originally styled for Vocaloid's Miku Hatsune.

The wig is one short base wig and the ponytails are sewn on two big clips that safety sit attach. The base wig also had a long bang so that you could cut it in your own length, as I did for Ame-Warashi.

The colour looks more like in the store's photo as mine are taken with lighting. The quality of the wig was so fine. It is made of Japanese kanekalon fibres and is really thick, many fibres. The clips most have a least at much fibres as the base wig as they were very thick and heavy, even thou you don't feel it when you wear the wig.

The other wig I purchased was a wig styled as Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa RC.

This wig is my way of celebrate myself for 4 year as cosplayer.

But to the wig. It is made of heat resistant fibre and can sustain temperatures up 180-200 degrees Celsius. It is also comfortable to wear and the styling of the wig holds if you turn the wig outside in. The fibres are also fine and easy to cut, as this wig also came with an extra long bang.

Overall: I am really happy with the seller, even thou they didn't say that they had shipped it, ending with me thinking that I wouldn't make the cosplay until the convention. But the shipping was fast and cheap.

The wigs came with hairnet, which I love and are so much more comfortable than nylon knee socks. I also got a wig comb since I purchase two wigs. The wigs were also the most comfortable wigs I have ever worn as they are bigger than the others I have.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. :D

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  1. i love the colour of the blue one and I would lvoe to have my hair cute like sakura's :3 but I'm trying to grow mine atm :p