Saturday, May 15, 2010

KodachiCon 10

So this weekend I went to KodachiCon in lovely Lund. Old towns are always nice, to bad I didn't get to see much of it as I had to much fun at the convention. That is also the reason I forgot to update the blog and twitter since I forgot it.

But what happened then. Me and CarpeDentum got ourself in the hands of some of my friends and we arrived just in time for the introduction to end. We checked what was going on and checked the times that we had to hold.

At some time it was piñata-time. This years piñata was Miku Hatsune. It was really fun to watch and I'm glad I was not one of them who jumped at the floor when she broke. She was full of candy and chocolate was I told. I took the time to play some video games in the other corner.

Of cause there was merchandise. Here is our own maid, Luchida from Mermaid Melody? and Lavi from D.Gray-Man. :D

DcastEye in your very own person. I got to cosplay Ame-Warashi and the wig did not get destroyed when I was styling it. Unfortunately this is the best photo I have at my cosplay so far, but I still like the fact that I almost didn't smile in this photo. It's damn hard for me not to smile a whole convention. Photo by CarpeDentum using my camera.

This was our sleepingspace. I was so tired when I went to sleep that I didn't even feel the hard floor, and got up early cause it was so warm and light in the room at the morning. Even thou that I slept really good.

Whenever we had the time over we played Benrangel, Fotleken or the Foot Game in English. More of it is in the video. :D

This is some of the film I shoot at the convention. I've got much more, but this is some of the best things.

This is the skit that me and my friends took part of. It was decided the night before the con that I was going be in it and I'm happy that I could be in it. It was so much fun, and I admit that I can be an attention whore.

I am already planing the cosplay for next KodachiKun this fall and hope that I will be able to be there. :D


  1. i love ur blue wig and cool photos ^^

  2. Thanks!
    I will post a review of the wig as soon as I can :D