Sunday, March 21, 2010

White Flower Blouse - Lolita

I've gotten one of my unfinished blouse done and here it is. It's made of embroidered cotton/poly mix. The patterns is based of a blouse in Gosu Rori vol. 6, but I've made my own changes like shirring only in the back and laying low on the laces. It also became a bit shorter than I expected, but since I manly use it to JSK it doesn't matter. Click on the image, to see the details.

News on the tutorial: don't expect it to be done until after I get back from UppCon, in three weeks. I've sewn the skirt, but seeing black details on black velvet is a bit tricky so I'm going to make another in a better fabric.

On the cosplayfront: I have two and a half cosplays to finish in the next two weeks. But my wig for Usagi has come and it's so cute.

Now I should go back to reading since I have a test for tomorrow. Bye!


  1. i lvoe the skirt ^^

    i havent done shirring before i wanna try it ^^

  2. Oh, it's a pair of pants, but they look like a skirt so it doesn't matter :D
    And thanks ^^

    It's easy, and I'm gonna show how in the tutorial. ^.^