Monday, April 12, 2010


So I when to UppCon, the biggest convention in Sweden aimed at Japanese Pop Culture. And this is how it went:

Friday: I got up in a decent time this year and met with CarpeDentum and Madiirje on the station. From we got on our train and I finished all the things that had to be finished. And then we finally got to Uppsala, since it takes five hours to go by train. But the line in to UppCon was a bit long and it was about to rain so we occupied a table at the nearest Burger King and sat there a few hours.

By the time we gotten back to UppCon the line was a bit more normal (meaning: you don't have to wait more then two hours) and we only had to wait for an hour and a half before got our waistbands. Then we just had to get in the line to leave the luggage so it would be shipped to our sleeping rooms. But once we got in it was fun, even thou Madiirje was freezing and we were all wet from the rain. But at least we got to see MinxZone when we were standing outside and waiting in the second line.

Friday cosplay: I got ~CarpeDentum to cosplay Rangiku Matsumoto while I did Momo Hinamori from BLEACH. Our lovely ~Madiirje was our own steam punk inspired sky pirate. I got to meet with a Hitsugya and we took some photos together.

Later at the evening we watched the lolita fashion-show. It was much sweet, little gothic and they were all so cute. Hopefully I can take part next year :D After that we went for pizza and the we felt tired and retired to sleep. :la:

Saturday: I went ahead of the others and went for a BLEACH-photoshoot at the con. We managed to get nine of us put in one photo and it was so much fun. After that I watch some of the BLEACHers training for they’re musical skit and I switched cosplay to Usagi Tsukino. By that time it was many who recognised me, sometimes it took me twice the time to get somewhere because of being stopped and asked to be photographed. But in Sweden Sailor Moon used to run at TV when I was little so it may not be so surprising.

After the rest of the people showed up, I went for second breakfast/lunch at the con and drank some lemonade with some strange name that barley tasted anything but was cold so it was enough. The day pasted with peoplewatching and missing things I had planned to do but just didn't since I forgot them.

But I did see the big cosplay contest. This year we barley got in and got to sit as far of the scene that was possible, that was a lie, there was one more row behind us, but we still got to see some really good and some less good cosplay as we sat there and I almost wanted to be a part of it as well. Who know, perhaps next year? :D

The skits this years was as much fun as last year, even thou no one can beat Norrlänsk cosplayfront who did the opening and ending of the whole cosplay contest. And to find out that it was Lulu from Code Geass that had stolen UppCon was fun as well.
After the cosplay contest was done we saw the AMV contest, or at least that was it was suppose to be. But because of technical issues we did some sort of mini disco inside the room instead. The whole room was dancing to Caramelldansen at some point, and think over thousand people dancing in a room that is made for concerts. It was awesome! :XD:

Then it worked and we got to see some amazing AMVs. After that we felt more the tired and got to sleep.

Sunday was not so much convention for me as I had to go to an interview at the other side of Sweden. So there ends my adventure of UppCon 10. Hopefully it will return next year and that the weather might be a little better. :D

Me at the Friday as Hinamori Momo as we were waiting for the Lolita Fashion Show to begin.

Looking out on the square that the public could also come and take a look at. We mostly sat on the inside and looking at all the funny people we could see, and wondering whether they were cosplaying or not.

I found some friends from Sailor Moon. Usagi: me, Jupiter: Rosenguru-sama, Venus: qwastanja and Mercurius: ?
I can also proudly say that I made the patterns for the school uniforms in this photo.

One of the best shoot I got of my Usagi-cosplay. Here is also the lovely stairs of UppCon, as UppCon would be nothing without them. Snapped by Qwastanja

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  1. awh u make a really cute sailor moon and greta photo ^^

  2. Thanks :D

    It was really fun cosplaying her ^.^