Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review: greatarchy09 @

I bought my wig for Usagi Tsukino from the seller greatarchy09 at ebay, which has the ebay store Ayanamisatoru cosplay wig.

I payed extra for shipping with DHL, as there are a cheaper but slower shippingoption. The wig was at my home four days after I payed and it was neatly packaged.

The wig itself was a more yellow than on the stores pitcures, but has three different coloured fibres mixed in the wig which makes it look different depending on the light. The fibres are of japanese kanekanol and are very fine and human hair like. They are even thinner than my own hair, which on the other hand are really thick. There is also an comb at the front.

My only problem so far is that the construction of the wig is making it impossible for me to cover up all of my hair. I can cover it all but then I have to pull from every direction to make it stay, and unfortunately my bobby pins can't make it stay all the time. But since it's only two cm at the back showing I can still have it.

Overall: I like the wig and if I only avoid getting shoot from the back it works fine. It just shows very much since I coloured my hair dark recently. :)

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