Saturday, October 3, 2009

KodachiKun:09 no 2

A bit late to report what happened, but here it comes.

The day went fast, even thou KodachiKun held out six more hours than usual. There was animedisco, cosplayskits and Jepordy. We (me, and two more) came a bit later than usually. We wasn´t there from the very start, but now afterwards I´m glad, since I was so tired that I almost fell asleep on the way home. But first of all, I didn´t cosplay. My schoolwork to the time that I had, and instead I wore my first lolita brand-dress. A pink Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with hand-crotched lace.

So what happened on the con. Well I got my ass kicked in a drumgame by a friend who only could use her one hand. I don´t know if it means I don´t have any rhythmic sense, or if my left hand lays a second behind, of if I´m just no good in videogame, but I would guess a mix of the last two.

There was the cosplayshow, filled with skits and runway. Somehow this show´s unspoken theme seemed to be Hetalia. There was one big group that made this skit that even those who haven´t seen the anime would get. I always like those, since I can´t see everything.

Before the cosplayshow, so was it Jepordy. And it was anime-Jepordy. We got in second place! Well, it was about that we had aimed for, not first and not last. Sometimes the questions were easy and sometime non could even guess the answers. At that point we sat with mouths opened like O. But there was at least a bit I could, like the butler in the Black Butler, Sebastian and the most macho man in Bleach, Zaraki Kempachi. There were more I could than that, but I skip that since I don´t think your that interested in that.

When the night came, the con closed it´s doors, and there where two opions. You could ether play in the animedisco or watch Ponyo on the Cliff in the movie-theather. I did both. I started and ended on the disco and also when to see the film, and it was so cute. I really recommend you to see it, specially if you like the Cats Return or Toroto.

And we went to the local McDonalds to scare the staff and all the families eating there. And it was two people asking us what was going on. I had hoped for at least four to ask, since that would brake the record.

The day after my muscles ached, and I think it most was all the jumping at the disco and the half day in really high high-heels. I switched shoes after half the day, since I had trouble keeping up with my friends since I started to walk slower and slower. But even so love my super high-heel pumps from hell, since they´re so cute.