Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pink transformation/Review: Directions Pastel Pink

I coloured my hair pink and here is a bit of how I did it and a little review as well.

<--- This is what I started of with. In real life my hair was a little brighter (paler) and more to the chestnut-red-brown way.

<--- I then bleached my hair 6-8 levels, the box said something like that. And it became orange. I also cut of the darkest part of my hair which made it a little shorter. 

<--- After the bleach I let my hair rest for two weeks before I dyed it with an ash-blond dye, and ended up with honey blond. I did this to take away some of my red and yellow pigments that caused me to become a carrot head. 

I also bleach my hair ones more after this but I don't have any photos of me platinum blond. But it was Draco Malfoy-blond. It was hard not to say: "This class is ridiculous" all the time. 

<--- (To tired to edit away all zits) After having the pink dye in my hair for four hours I washed off the leftovers and this is what I got. 

<--- After a couple of washes and in natural light I got peach pink hair. Which is just what I wanted. Now I just have to fear my hair growing, because it looks ridiculous with my dark blond growth. 

Review: I used Directions Pastel Pink Semi-Dye. There is no chemicals in the dye, which I really like since I already teased down my hair with dye and bleach, so it did only leave the colour in my hair. It also means I could have it in my hair for as long as I wanted, I've read recommendations on sleeping with the dye in your hair if you can just to make it last longer. 

Since the colour is pale I also had to bleach my hair to platinum blond, that was the hardest part. But so far I really like the colour. It started out really pink and orange in the ends, but after three washes it has turned to a pale peach pink. And just for the record, my hair likes dye, it kind of treats semi-permanently hair dye as permanently, so I just have to wait and see if it will wash away. 

I would recommend those who want it to be just pink without the yellow to use the colour Pink Carnation as it don't have as much yellow pigment in it as Pastel Pink. The seller recommended a pot of dye for shoulder length hair, but that doesn't apply to me as my hair is really, really thick, and two pots were just enough for me when my hair was shoulder length. So if you are going to dye your whole hair, buy an extra pot just in case. 
Cheezy pose cuz I can. ^^

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