Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hopefully pink

Just remembered that I forgot to post my last two outfits last week. Guess I make time for that tomorrow as I will run around like a maniac and hoping for my hair to be pastel pink or something similar at least. I'm running a test at the moment as I found a place in my hair that was decent pale blond and will see in the morning if it worked. Hopefully the hair won't fall off during the night as the dye hasn't got any chemicals in it.

On another note. I kind of started to listen to Vocaloid, specially Luka's Just Be Friends. I even got it as my cell phone signal. I guess that could be my way of saying I really like the song. And it even got me thinking of cosplaying Luka. Well if I ever will cosplay a Vocaloid I guess it would be Luka or Gumi. But now I should be getting to sleep, since time is ticking away.

One of the lovely pictures I've found with Luka Megumi. 

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