Monday, November 8, 2010

Lolita 7-days challenge: Monday

For this week I felt like challenge myself by wearing lolita the whole week. Usually I just dress in it whenever I feel like it, but I wanted to try it on whole time. So for the whole week I will try to post daily outfits when in lolita fashion.

And you might see the difference in my hair. I was aiming for blonde, but kind of ended up with orange as I have a lot of red pigments in my original hair as well as my previous dye. It ain't as orange as in the photos but closer to the Directions apricot colour.

But here is today's daily outfit:
JSK: Metamorphose - Gingham Cherry Highwaist
Alice bow: Handmade
Rest: Offbrand

This dress look so short after I altered the straps so it could fit me. Since I'm short most things are to big for my shoulders so on this dress it was so nice that the straps are attached with buttons at the back. So I fitted the straps and sewed on a couple of new buttons and now the dress fits me, which I love since this dress is one of my dreamdresses.

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