Friday, October 29, 2010

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A month ago I ordered a pair of false eyelashes on ebay, just because I could. I made it my quest to seek out the cheapest lashes with shipping and ended up with a pair for about 2,50 $ including shipping. A very good price for the lashes.

Here is the sellers own picture of the lashes and they look like the ones I got. Because of the price I wasn't expecting any great false lashes and they have a plastic feel and look, but I can defiantly use them in any diva shoots (to Sheryl Nome among others).

Here is what it looked when I put them on without any other make-up. They were a bit hard and the glue was not the best, but they stayed on for a few hours.

And then I tried them with make-up. Suddenly they fitted my face much better and I got to see a bit more diva of myself.

Summery: The shipping took a bit long, but I was alerted by this of the seller. The lashes were worth their price and I will defiantly have fun with them. The glue that came with the lashes ain't top class, but it will work for photo shoots. I just have to get a better when it is time for conventions.

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