Saturday, January 2, 2010

Review: cosplayland @ ebay

My first review and my first shopping on ebay. I bought 3 wigs from seller cosplayland at The wigs were not meant to be mine since I was shopping for my friends, but since I bought them I will give you my review.

Since it was my first time I bought something from ebay I asked the seller how to purchase more than one wig, and I was answered quickly. Then I bought the wigs and from I payed it only took 2 days before I got them.

All the pictures are from the sellers pages.

Red-blond wavy, 65 cm and styled as Matsumoto Rangiku: the wig was just a little redder than on the pictures that the seller had, but on the contrary that made the wig just more Matsumoto-like. My friend had been worried if the wig would fit her, since she has a bigger hatsize, but it fitted like a glove.

Flat, 30 cm long and in 15 colours: bought in colour D and L. D (silver grey) was not as shiny as the picture shows and L (grey) had a tint of blue which made my friends day.

Overall impression of the wigs
: the quality of the wigs was great. The fibres were of japanese kanelon (which made them look more as human hair) and heatresisted. The pictures of the wigs were accrued in how they were styled (wavy and flat) and the length.

Overall impression of the seller: the wigs were exactly what we were looking for and the feedback great. Cosplayland was glad to answer any question I had, no matter how silly. I will definitely return in my search for more wigs in the future.

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