Monday, July 27, 2009

Photosession on the Love Path

Now Let My Happines Be by ~dcasteye on deviantART

Steps for me by ~dcasteye on deviantART

Into the Light by ~dcasteye on deviantART

I made my friends come and have a photosession with me in the nearby forest. It wasn´t all photos on me, but that the ones I´m uploading. It was a great day for at shoot. Not to sunny, nor to cloudy. And this is my favourites I´ve uploaded, we took about sixhundred photos in that hour we were out, but all were not as successful.

First out was a piratedress I´ve sewn to a friend. It´s a bit to big for me, but I liked it and I wanted to have photos to proven I´ve sewn it. I also redecorated my mini top hat with a skullpin, but it can´t be seen that very well.

Second of is a simple skirt with elastic waist. I didn´t have time to sew it any different. But more about that in a different post later.

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  1. love the dress and the photos and outfit ^^
    I have u an award too aswell ^^