Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sailor Moon R Brooch

Sailor Moon R Brooch
A few weeks ago I ordered a couple of craft foam sheets in various of colours, to see whether or not they would work for my cosplay. After realising how fun and easy it is to work with, I wanted to show you mine new Sailor Moon brooch. It is huge and if you want it, check out my give away here!

Now back to the brooch. It is made of craft foam in three layers, not perfect but good for a first try, various pearls I could find at home and glued together with school glue.
Blueprint :)
Second layer in cutting process.
Second layer done.
I cut the craft foam with my kitchen scissor and it was easy to correct mistake, as long as it was something to cut away. 
It ended up a bit larger than my last brooch. :)

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