Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ConFusion, we can't meet this time

I was planning on going to ConFusion, a new convention for japanese pop culture in Sweden, but now I can't attend it. The day after the convention I am supposed to be in Hungary so it is kind of impossible. I'm going there to attend a big international library conference, and it is sort of a once-in-a-lifetime-moment so will skip the japanese pop culture for once. Well with the exception that I will try to wear lolita at least one day at the conference, I really think lolita fashion fits the librarians profession.

It also means I have to get to cosplay Sheryl Nome at some other time. Perhaps at OkashiiCon, since all the other cons are busy.

  • OkashiiCon, March
  • KodachiCon, April-May
    • Final Fantasy
  • UppCon, June
    • Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier
    • Secret - Will attend the cosplay contest for the first time :)
    • Odette - the Swan Princess
  • EuroCon, Jun
    • Don't know if I will cosplay, but it is a sf and fantasy literature convention. 
Well, now I should finish my friends patterns so bye!

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