Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More on the blog?

This spring/summer I had a poll asking what you wanted to see more on this blog and the results were this <---.

  • What is it that you want to see in sewing? Work in progress or just some random photos I take when sewing. It could also be things that I sew that are neither cosplay or lolita. 
  • Lolita: What do you want to read in the lolita department? I use lolita clothing as clothing. It is something that I wear, but I am thinking of writing an post on how I found and started dress in lolita. I am also kind of bad at taking outfit pix, but I will try to do better in that department. 
  • Tutorials: Working on my first skirt tutorial, but I have at least two more planned. What do you want a tutorial about?
  • Events: I don't attend that many events and I don't feel like spilling out everything that happens in my life on this blog but I'm getting better at taking photos whenever I'm out doing things so there will be more photos in the event-part at least. 
Is there anything that you would like me to take up in this blog? I want this to be my blog and therefore it is much more cosplay than lolita, since cosplay is one of my hobbies while lolita is something that I wear everyday I feel like it. 

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