Tuesday, September 28, 2010

& a little lolita

A few days ago I started thinking. All I ever post here is about cosplay. To me it is not all that surprising as lolita is to me not a hobby but a style I dress in. Therefore I renamed the blog to DcastEye Cosplay, & a little lolita. That means I will still be posting about lolita, but this blog will mostly contain cosplay and sewing.

A little treat. The photo is one of those times when I first started to wear lolita. Me and my friend were doing commercial for a Japanese culture event and dressed up since we were going to be in the newspaper, me in lolita and she in my Haruhi Suzumiya-costume.

But now I have to write a paper for school so for now. Bye!

PS. Later in week I will treat you on a giveaway. :D

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