Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cosplay Fall/Winter in Colour

Yes, I was bored. And my plans changes :D

Odin's Sphere - Velvet: For KodachiKun in October I hope that I will finish Velvet, and hope for good weather as well.

Velvet is one of the character in Odin's Sphere and I haven't even gotten as far to play with her yet but I still like her design, even thou this is less revealing side. And I love the idea of cosplaying a princess that can take care of her self.

Now I just have to get started since there is less than a month before the con. The hard part will be the sphere, or the weapon. I have to get myself some transparent acrylic or similar.

Macross Frontier - Sheryl Nome: I have two Sheryl Nome cosplays planned and in progress. The first is a casual red dress that is used in episodes 2 and 3. The second one is here on the right. It is from the Diamond Crevasse booklet and I really like the design. In the booklet there isn't anymore to see than this, but I have found the official picture for the whole dress and is at the moment sketching up the pattern.

The red dress is in the making and all I really have to get my hands on are a wig. The hard part about getting an matching wig for Sheryl is that her hair is blonde in the sun but gets pink in the shade.

Black Butler - Elizabeth: Since I saw Lizzy's dress I wanted to have it. It is so pretty and not pink like all the others. I use enough pink causally and this dress is just so cute. Not to stop with the fact that I have a friend doing Ciel. :D

Some more small cosplays in progress are:

* Fullmetal Alchemist - Winry Rockbell: I've loved the Fullmetal Alchemist series since I started to see and read it. And I could side with Edward since I know how it is to be in chibi-size. But I started on Winry because she is a good character and the design was not to hard as well. I can use the clothes in my casual wear, always a good thing.

* Hetalia - Seychelles: I had the wig and a similar dress in progress. Let's go!

* Cardcaptor Sakura - Sakura Kinomoto: It's been four years since I started cosplaying and then it was with Sakura. So this spring I got the wig, since I didn't feel like cutting it off this time, and everything is cut out. Now all I have to do is sew it and make myself a key to the Clow-cards. :)

There are some more, but since the time is ticking and I should have been asleep three hours ago I just leave them for now. Bye! :)

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