Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm alive

This time has been full of school, sick again, sewing and lazying around the house. But now I have finally gotten my mom's dress done and a skirt to myself in silk, I love that fabric. So expect some photos tomorrow. And I'm wondering if I should post thing I sew besides cosplay and lolita here. Well I'm doing it anyway.

And I have during this time also come to the conclusion that I haven't afford to attend any conventions this summer as I have no money. So instead of that I hoping for some photo shoots to my cosplay and sewing a lot. Since I have a great deal of fabric to get rid of as it will soon take over more than just two corners of my apartment.

So I was just posting to make sure to you that I am alive. I've just been busy and not felt like posting anything. Hopefully I can get that under order soon. And after I have come home again, after spending three weeks at my parents' house, I can finally get my high waisted tutorial done. Yeah for that!

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