Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Better and Almost a Yukata

I've finally gotten better. The flu is over and now I can start sewing things again. Good thing, considering I'm going to my next convention on Saturday and I haven't even started on Ame-Warashi's dress yet. But I did sew a yukata today for my friend as I did get her to cosplay Zarashi-Warashi along with mine Ame-Warashi.

So I took the first and best fabric I had at home and started to cut. Well to tell the truth I first drew the patterns from Gosu Rori v 11.

I hope to finish it tomorrow as I only have a bow to attach in the back of the obi. The fabrics made it really feel like spring and I hope it will get warmer for the weekend so that my friend won't freeze in this.

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