Sunday, March 7, 2010


So, I went to OkashiiCon in Malmö, Sweden with a few friends. It was a real adventure just finding the way there, but that was since we didn't have the map. After getting there it was easy to find again.

Our first goal: filling the wardrobe and getting something to eat. And since I hadn't finished my cosplay we were all going casual. After eating we split up and watch what was happening in all the rooms and played games. I got to sit down to finish my cosplay, or at least what I could do there. I sewed on a pair of shoulderstaps, so it wouldn't slip off me, and got some crystals at the skirt. That took me a couple of hours. To keep me occupied during this time, I was hoping for the gamerz to come, and talked to many people. Nothing to do on your convention, talk a bit!

But I got a bit sleepy, so I talked my friends into getting their sleepinggears and camp in one of the corridors. It was out of the way and close to the toilet and by that close to switching to cosplay in the morning.

And that was I did in the morning. So in my nearly finished Ranka Lee cosplay I went around the convention with a Orihime (later transformed to Kira Izuri), a schoolgirl and a lolita. I guess we made a grand view on McDonalds when it was time for breakfast. After that it was time to get shopping at Scince Fiction Bokhandeln for a bit of manga.

The rest of the day was talking to random people, playing games, stalking Gin Ichimaru and just having fun. In the night it was time for the cosplay-showoff. I was standing filming and had a hard time standing still, since I was laughing so hard. Then my battery ended, and I stopped worrying about that and just watched. It wasn't so many entries but they were all funny, hilarious or just great. There was only one serious skit, and my friend told me it was just like the character since I haven't seen that anime. Of cause it was Hetalia that toped the popularity-chart, but there were many different cosplayers and I loved the D.N.Angels-cosplayers.
Since I was going home the day after, I went home to my parents house that night and didn't see more on the convention. But I sure had fun and have been forced to speak in english the whole thing since english is so much easier than danish according to some.

Wishes for the next time: a quiet sleepingroom and that it coming back next year, because it was really fun. Now for some pictures:

Three of us. This is the best snap I've got of my Ranka Lee cosplay so far. I've also drawn the pattern for the red dress. BL-loving schoolgirl was just simply cute. Photo by qwastanja.

Since all the fangirls demanded a Kira for his captain Gin, qwastanja was made male. I had to check if it was true. Photo from facebook.

A bit of karaoke is always fun. Since my companion didn't know that much japanese songs, we sang in english. Photo from facebook.

We got to play this really fun game where you build a tree. It was really fun and I got in second place once, the other times I was last.

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  1. i adore the red dress!!!
    and i love ur yellow dress too :3

  2. It's so pretty! :D
    And thanks ^^