Saturday, May 9, 2009

KodachiKun 09

Around 10 AM did we (I, Little Red Ridinghood and Alice of Wonderland) found our way in to KodachiKun. What followed was public hugging with mates and other. I did manage to give out the impression of being Rukia, while cosplaying Hinamori Momo, both from Bleach. It must have been someone who hadn´t read that far in BLEACH.

I had already planed my day. Finding my captain Aizen, spontaneous dancing (caused by to much Rock Musical Bleach) and follow (read: stalking) people. I manage to do all things apart from finding my captain. He was nowhere to be found. T_T I think he was sitting somewhere reading a book.

By noon we invaded the nearby McDonalds. Think: almost the whole resturang crowded with cosplayers eating hamburgers and french fries. Everything from the duck of Gintama to Hidan from Naruto. At my table we got Little Red RidingHood, Alice, Hinamori Momo (me), Amulett Heart (Shugo Chara) and our Japanese cameko (I named him that). This year I got asked twice about what was going on. That beats last years record by one.

After a few hours of stalking people (not so bad as it sounds), it was time for the cosplayshow. This year instead of entering, I watched. One of the most popular song for this year was Hare Hare Yukari, do you think that was after I cosplayed Haruhi Suzumiya last year? Like all years from before so were there a big mix of skits and ordinary posingshows.

After the cosplayshow I meet a Light who was frilled by the fact that I was cosplaying Hinamori. He had tried to find me, but thought I had already gone home, while I hadn´t. It was a little scary to sign his Death Note, but since I´m a shinigami I don´t think it´s so dangerous.

Of cause there were many more things to do, but I was to busy finding my Captain, dance and follow people. So here follows what everybody else could do: drawingcontest with the theme: Envy, fansubbing, animewatching at the cinema, buying and eating Pocky, buying merchandise and manga, and playing games.

To sum the day up: I had fun, and the day went fast. It goes specially fast if you spend it with about 200 persons who have the same interest as you, and isn´t ashamed to dance the Caramelldance so everybody can see it. There were even people who recognized me from past years.

Photos by our lovely Red Ridinghood, not seen on the photos.