Sunday, January 18, 2009

UppCon 09

Three days with more then three-thousand japanese and anime-fans is enought to kill you. Good thing I´m one of them. I survied and arrived whole to my sweet home.

UppCon is the biggest convention within the japanese popculture in Sweden. And you really feel that. This year (which also was my first time there) they had it in the middle of the winter. I stood for two hours and waited to come in, in below 0 degress. It was cold, but I´m glad I did.

There where so many people in that place that I couldn´t belive my eyes. Everywhere I turned my eyes there where more people. And cosplayers, this is the paradise for swedish cosplayers. Next year (yes, I have already made up my mind), I´m going cosplay all three days. I can´t describe how normal I felt the first day, wearing jeans and and shirt. It felt to normal, and I usually don´t dress normaly as other people do (I like stange clothes).

My advise for people who want to go there. Don´t miss the shows. There´s lolita fashion show, cosplay show (show of your cosplay), cosplay-skits, AMV-contest and live conserts (this year Y.M.C.K., Supreme Machine...). And for gods sake: don´t forget to cosplay and if you find something fun to buy, do buy it. It is always fun. Don´t forget to have the camera ready.

One more thing: drink lots of water, eat and sleep. It´s always good for you.

Me at UppCon day two. Ariel by Shakespeare. Photo by CarpeDentum.